Science and Research Department

Head of scientific-research department
Dr. Yuriy Sydorenko, doctor of technical science, professor
e-mail: ndch[at]
tel./fax: (+38044)-204-82-74

Vice-heads of Scientific-Research Department
Dr. Georgii Vasyliev, candidate of technical science, associate professor
e-mail: ndch[at]
tel./fax: (+38044)-204-82-74


Organizational and Analytical Department

Head of the Department
Olena Savych
tel./fax: (+38044)-204-92-00
e-mail: o.savitch[at]


Sector of Scientific and Technical Works Support

Head of the Sector
Zinaida Kravec
tel.: (+38044)-204-92-01
e-mail: z.kravets[at]

Sector of Scientific and Technical Information

tel.: (+38044)-204-91-23, (+38044)-204-94-53
e-mail: n.visti[at]


Functions of the Organizational and Analytical Department

In the frames of coordination, organization of control and analysis of scientific research, Organizational and Analytical Department provides:

Coordination of research and organization works of the University departments;

Organization and conduction of competitions for research works funded by state budget on the level of the departments and University, following support on the level of Ministry of Education and Science. Formation of database of research topics thematic plans, control of its realization, reporting on the University and Ministry levels. Formation and support of the proposals database;

Support of the scientific research and applied developments in the frames of complex University programs and state scientific-technical programs according to priority branches of science and technology development and innovation activities regulated by laws of Ukraine;

Organization and support of special contractual research topics;

Submission of proposal to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and to Ministry of Economics of Ukraine concerning funding of fundamental and applied research works from the state budget;

Submission of selection results of research works funded by state budget for approval by Scientific-Technical Council of the University. Annual report by Vice-rector for scientific work on these issues;

Scientific and methodological support of improvement of education content by use of both scientific research results and applied developments, particularly by realization and implementation of initiative topics of scientific and educational staff, encouragement of their scientific and innovative activities;

Analysis of research activities of Universities departments. Preparation of information concerning development of main and priority directions of University scientific work;

Generalization and analysis of results of University departments scientific activities. Reports preparation, submission of the reports to Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and other organizations. Preparation of the analytical materials for the reports. Formation of database for priority directions using the forms of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

Methodological support of research departments of the University concerning organization and realization of research works, enhancement of research works efficiency. Methodological and organization activities for development and coordination of technical tasks, formation of scientific reports of the departments.

Control of the technical tasks and reports of research works. Registration and providing codes of documentation developed in departments of the University;

State registration of research works and reports on finished works submission;

Organization and realization of competitions «Young teacher researcher», to prizes for the best textbooks, manuals and monographs;

Coordination of participation of University young scientists in the competitions of different levels, including grants, prizes and stipends;

Formation and support of the database containing description of the finished research works with its presentation on the web site “Finished works of Igor Sikorsky KPI” (both in Ukrainian and English);

Introduction of modern information technologies to the system of research departments functioning;

Formation of information content concerning activities of Science and Innovation Department and presentation of this information on the University web site “Scientific and innovation activities”. Development and support of the Department web site and web site of multidisciplinary University journal “KPI Science News”.

Coordination of publishing activities, preparation and publishing of annual report “Science at Igor Sikorsky KPI”, advertisement materials on the finished research works of the University, preparation and publishing of multidisciplinary University journal “KPI Science News”.


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